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When looking for a car cleaning company in Albany Creek, there’s no one better positioned to deliver a great service than Timeless Car Cleaning. We have the skills to provide an extraordinary standard of service to your vehicles.

Timeless Car Cleaning has been in the industry for a while. Being in the competition for almost a decade, we have proven ourselves with the quality and satisfaction that we deliver. Many of our clients are very contented with the work we do. One factor is because all our detailers have exceptional skills and are experts in the industry. They have years of experience on cleaning and detailing cars. Aside from being an expert, we also want to provide the professionalism that is expected. So that we can have a very harmonious relationship.

Here are some of the services we provide in Albany Creek:

  • General Detailing – Our most popular detailing packages. Award Winning and Satisfaction Guaranteed detailing services in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland!
  • Cut and Polish – Also known as paint correction. If you have light to medium scratches or some spots that are easy to remove by yourself, we can help!
  • Pet Hair Removal – Do you have dogs, cats, or any pets full of fur? We support any kinds of hair! Our pet hair removal is the best in the region!
  • Headlight Repair and Restoration – Do you have cloudy, faded, oxidized or yellow headlights? Don’t replace them yet, because we can help!
  • Window Tinting – Our window films and tints can make your car less hot… on the inside. We have the number one tint service you can have!
  • Fleet Detailing – Our vehicles are your image, you know this otherwise you wouldn’t have great vehicles or maybe great marketing on them. They are your portable billboard.
  • 4WD Services – Big or small, we have the best-detailing packages for all types of 4WDs!
  • Paint Protection – A great way to protect the body of the paint and maintain its color.

If there’s a service that you might be wondering if we do it, there’s no harm in asking. You can always give us a call if you have any enquiries at 1300 85 77 34 or send us your queries here.