Brisbane’s best car detailing company & Modesta & C63

Modesta Brisbane Car Detailing

The end product… Ultra-slick, ultra-glossy C63 + MODESTA P-01a, BC-05 & M1 shot

The products and the process…

One of our customer called us who had his red GTS detailed and coated in Modesta BC-05 last year, he had purchased this beautiful C63 and obviously wanted the same treatment as he loved it last time.

But why did he love it?

  • Unbeatable depth and gloss
  • UV protection – no need to wax again!
  • Chemical resistance – CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT of Modesta vs Nitric Acid
  • Easy cleaning.

As a professional detailing company we spend A LOT of time here in our Brisbane workshop trialing and testing new products. As a result, we only use the best.

The widely renowned as the worlds most advanced paint coatings is Modesta. BC-05 was chosen for its Silica (Silicon Dioxide) base which when combined with P-01a primer produces an insanely deep, candy-like gloss.

Some before pictures…

The car came in in pretty good condition, just the usual road grime and brake dust build up common on Euro cars.

It got full decon to wash, clay bar treatment and some spot polishing, specifically on the wing mirrors before having an IPA wipe down (to remove any oils and aid good bonding) and a full polish with Modesta’s P-01a primer/finishing polish. This alone provides an amazing amount of gloss and more importantly helps to prepare the surface for bonding.

180 minutes were left to pass and then we could begin coating with the BC-05. This is a time-consuming process as the coating is so thick and it’s important to not leave any high spots on for too long otherwise they would need machine work to even them out.

Finally, we cured the coating for 15 minutes on each panel under infra-red lighting. This helps to increase the depth of the gloss and speed up the initial curing period (during which it can’t get wet).