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We can remove acrylic, enamel, 2 pack, polyurethane, latex, epoxy, tar, bitumen, concrete, mortar, etc.

Professional removal of cement, mortar or concrete from a vehicles bodywork is usually the preferred method of repair. It reduces vehicle down time, is often more economical, is more environmentally friendly and as an added benefit the vehicle usually looks better than it bid prior to being effected. We have concrete removal specialists with years of experience in removing all kind of contamination, and cement splatter is no exception. Either wet or dry, we use a chemical process to dissolve the cement and concrete. This allows us to wash away the remaining sand and grit without causing any further scratches on the paintwork. After the chemical removal we complete 1-3 stages of paint correction to remove any of the minor scratches or etchings caused by the cement/concrete contamination.

There is a temptation for customers to try and remove cement and concrete by rubbing it. This often causes additional problems and scratches paintwork so it is very important to leave it to the professionals. But in cases where scratches have already occurred, we are fully trained, fully equipped, full insured to work on your vehicle to remove all but the deepest scratches without repainting.

For larger jobs we have Brisbane’s best equipped detailing workshop and courtesy cars.

Price will vary depending on the condition of your vehicle. Call us at 1300 85 77 34 or contact us here!